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"Third House Office Center"
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The Third House Office Center (aka The Gulch) is a subscriber-based service for the lobbying members of the legislative community. Please refer to the "General Information" link for more information on the Center's services, location, hours of operation, etc.

We want you to have easy access in sending information to the Third House Office Center (aka "The Gulch"). Click onto "Contact" link, fill out your information and send.

IF YOU ARE SENDING A MESSAGE FOR A SUBSCRIBER, please indicate "message for (subscriber name)" on the subject line so we know how to immediately process your request.


Computer use – Three (3) on counter top in Lobby w/printers.

Wireless network on main floor of Prichard Building

E-Mails* – receive and send

Faxes* - receive and send

Photocopies* - individual and large jobs

Postage Stamps

Receive and deliver messages

Preparation of printed materials and delivered to legislative distribution centers

Make appointments with Members of the Legislature & Legislative Staff

Schedule meetings & reserve meeting rooms on or off campus

Make lunch or dinner reservations - Order box lunches
(large variety of menus to choose from)

Bill tracking and reporting from the Legislative Website

* All e-mail print-outs, photocopies and tracking reports will be charged at subscriber or non-subscriber rates.