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Full-time professional advocates to the Washington State Legislature formed the Third House in 1953. Wearers of the III may be employed full-time by an organization, public entity or private company, or they may be private consultants that contract with an organization, public entity or private company (or multiples thereof) on a fee basis.

The lobbying profession is an honorable one. Lobbying professionals represent everyone somehow in the legislative process, and they are an integral part of the legislative community with Members of the Legislature and legislative staff. If you belong to an association, whether it be a social, civic, professional or trade organization, you are most likely represented by a lobbyist. Members of the Legislature rely on the information provided to them by the lobbying corps and their ability to bring them face-to-face with their constituents to discuss the issues they care most about. Without the tireless efforts of the lobbyist, your lawmakers would be missing an important link to vital information as they form public policy and put these policies into law.

Membership in the Third House is voluntary, not to be confused with state law requiring all lobbyists to register and file with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. (see "Other Links" on this website)

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